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Thank you to everyone who stopped by for the Labor Day Sale. It was a success, and I hope you enjoyed getting some great deals!


Thank you to everyone who came out for Open Streets, and took the time to stop in and see us! We love seeing all of you and we had a great time. Until next time!safe_image

This March, DC will release movie variants along with their regular covers. We have been taking pre-orders since quantities will be limited. The cut off date for ordering is January 27th, so now would be the best time to add in which ever covers you would like.

If you are already a subscriber, just click on the Pre-order DC section in the menu bar to choose the ones you want. If you are not a subscriber, come by the shop and we’ll get you set up!

Don’t miss out!

GreenLantern HarleyQuinn DetectiveComics Grayson


To see more variants, click here!

The awesome Dorshak Bloch brought some prints for sale by the shop for you guys to grab! You should definitely pick some up!


While you’re at it, grab a copy of Ivan A. Alexander as well! you’ll be glad you did 🙂


Just a couple dudes and dudettes hanging out at the Con for the day!


Stop by and visit Tyler Kelting at Wizard World Tulsa. Buy some comics and artwork!

Tyler Kelting @ Wizard World Tulsa 2014


We will be heading to Wizard Con this weekend to check things out. Stay tuned for posts from the Convention Floor.

The shop will still be open if you’re wanting to stop by!